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 About the Green Education Consultants (GEC): GEC is a professional organization for college admissions consultants. GEC members are familiar with a wide range of colleges and are experts at helping students with their college searches. 

GEC was founded by a group of education consultants who recognized the need for standards and professional development for those in the growing field of education consulting. The new organization received support and assistance from college admissions officials, who welcomed GEC’s commitment to advancing high ethical standards for the profession.


GEC Standards and Ethics Statement


The mission of the Green Education Consultants (GEC) is to support and advance the work of educational consultants as they work with students and families in the transition from secondary schools to undergraduate and/or undergraduate to post graduate. 

In light of this mission, the GEC Board of Directors has approved a Statement of Standards of Ethics for GEC members. 

Guided by the core values of sound advice, integrity, respect and confidentiality, GEC members pledge to act in accordance with the following Principles and Standards: 

1. Act professionally, responsibly, and ethically in all relationships with students, families, high schools, college admission personnel, and colleagues. 

2. Recognize the importance of confidentiality in performing their work. 

3. Act with integrity, respect, courtesy and thoughtfulness in all transactions. 

4. Represent and promote their services with accuracy and honesty. 

5. Counsel students to meet all application requirements and deadlines. 

6. Counsel students to respect the college planning and application policies and requirements of his/her high school. 

7. Approach and conduct the college planning and application process in an ethical, conscientious, and responsible manner. 

8. Encourage students and families to conduct thorough research of the academic and co-curricular programs, selection process, and other distinguishing features, of colleges and universities. 

9. Assist students to develop a list of colleges that are a "good-fit" - a list that is balanced, realistic, and reasonable in number. 

10. Provide information about scholarships and the financial aid application process. 

11.Advise students to be the sole author of their application and essays and counsel against inappropriate assistance from others - however well meaning. GEC members may provide general guidance, direction and review of the application, as needed, to minimize unintentional errors and omissions. 

12. Assist students in approaching the college admission and decision-making process in an organized manner. 

13. Encourage students to meet all application requirements in a timely manner and to respect additional requirements set forth in Early Decision (ED), Early Action (EA), and Restricted Early Action (REA) plans.