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With over ten thousands of colleges/universities in the INDIA., deciding which colleges might be the right match can be a daunting task. Here are some tips from members of the Green Education Consultants to help you with your college search:

Finding the perfect college match does not mean that there is only one college for you. There are several colleges that are a good match for every prospective student. Think beyond looking for the one ideal place and expand your horizons and expectations. You will be pleasantly surprised at the choices that you will discover.

The student really must know what he wants to learn because study at college level is very specialized. Also, students must be mature enough to learn in a style that requires independence and organization.

Above all, be honest about who you are. It’s like dating. Someone will value you for who you are, so be yourself. Only apply to colleges that you would love to attend. It is okay to reach, but have several schools on your list that are likely to accept you and a "safety" or two so you and your parents may sleep at night. Choose a balanced list of attractive schools that will value you for who you are and what you have accomplished.

The secret to getting into the right college is really quite simple: Believe in yourself; study and get involved in your school and community; follow your passions, and commit the necessary time and effort into putting together application materials that honestly reflect who you are.

Why Our counseling Services Are Free Of Charge?

It’s quite simple; we charge the institutions for our services. being an ethical operator, we do not have the policy of double charging i.e. charging the institutions as well as charging you. we only bill the institutions for our services thus saving you significant amount of money that you would incur otherwise.